FACT: Businesses improve their bottom line profitability when a company takes the time to discover what motivates their staff to perform to high levels.

FACT: Workplaces with a high number of disengaged employees have 31-51% higher staff turnover and 51% more unaccounted inventory loss.

FACT: Engaged employees are 27% less likely to be absent from work than their disengaged colleagues.

FACT: Engaged employee ‘intention to stay’ is 45% higher than those who are disengaged.

FACT: Engaged staff gives you engaged customers. Business with high engagement levels gain up to 12% higher customer service scores.

FACT: The combined effect of engaged employees is an increase in productivity of 18% and an increase of over 12% in profitability when compared with a disengaged workplace.

Employee engagement is the management of an employee’s discretionary effort. Engagement is a multidimensional concept. It is often thought of as satisfaction or commitment but it actually goes that next step from commitment to include employees providing the extra effort needed to help the organization reach their objectives & succeed.

Compare an employee that us turns up, does what they are obliged to do and then leaves with someone committed to giving their best each day. Employee engagement strategies are not always easy to put into practice but with Kissing Frogs 3 Steps to Active Engagement the barriers are removed and you are provided with a framework to create passionate engaged employees.

“We will continue to work with the Kissing Frogs team and would heartily recommend the organisation to anybody wants to build a strong and engaged team.”
Manager, ICT Division, CPIT